Too busy?

… with work or responsibilities?  Do you forget to call friends back?  Or are you the responsible planner?

Automate your social life

We get it. You’re a busy person. Work, family, responsibilities, a little too often we forget to see our bestie for a coffee or organise that university reunion.

Let’s Do… is a social planner, that helps you see your besties. Providing automated recommendations and nudges to be social with loved ones.  Let’s take the pain out of planning anything and everything social.

Take control, dial it up or down, maybe off, and recommendations will adjust to your preference. No longer wait for your bestie to get organising, plan great activities to do. Invite friends and family – go have fun.

Available on Apple and Android.

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Set family, friends, of sporting groups. Are your friends planning a holiday? Your sports team training schedule? Or a birthday in the family?

Setting groups helps planning events and keeps organising easier. Pick interests and locations, so Let’s Do… will assist and automate.

Top friends

Pick your besties so they’re easy access to include in events. Let’s Do… will identify when it’s been too long since your last social and provide great places to visit and activities to do together. Stay in touch! But don’t worry, we keep them secret… shhhh!

No app needed

Have that one friend who isn’t on social media? No problem! Firstly, Let’s Do… is a dark social platform. Unlike most social media platforms, your friends and events are private. Secondly, for friends yet to get on Let’s Do… send private invites via WhatsApp, Signal, email, SMS… no app is required!


Find great places or activities to do. Search your local area, or pick a central point. Ideal for meeting up with Uni friends, create a group, pick a central point and get reminders in this area.

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