Affiliate Programe

What’s it all about?

Why should I get involved?

How does this help my business?

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Getting you customers

Let’s Do… increases customer volume and frequency to social locations and activities. Whether you run a coffee shop, leisure centre, theatre, music venue, sports club or anything and everything in-between, Let’s Do… supports organisations.

We do this in multiple ways, but let’s focus on the affiliate programme for now. This is a great way to get advertisement and ultimately increase your profits without spending a penny.

We are running our programme in select locations and limited periods. If your area is included, take the opportunity today – it’s a no brainer!

Digital Blog

We offer a two-tier affiliate programme. For the top tier, we write a specific blog about your business, link to your website or social media account. This helps drive traffic to your digital presence and encourages prospective customers. In addition, this adds value to your SEO marketing campaign and further strengthens searches, ads, and analytics.

Social Media

At the time of writing, our programme is active across the top 5 social media platforms. Over the programme period posts are regularly uploaded, linking to blogs and collaborative mentions are made to those businesses with an active digital footprint. Posts will be mentioned at least twice, offering an ICYMI or ‘in case you missed it’ opportunity. Ultimately raising awareness of your business and the amazing offering your business provides.

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In-App proposals

Let’s Do… is all about making social, easy. We know people want to get out and enjoy social leisure, but often “stuff” gets in the way. Within Let’s Do… users (your future customers) and provided recommended locations and activities to do. There are several places within the app that provides this service. Your business could be on there. What’s even better, we can tailor who sees these proposals. Where we know someone enjoys coffee, we provide great coffee houses to attend.

App notifications

One of the many unique features that makes Let’s Do… awesome, is the automated event creation. Let’s Do… will understand it’s users and automate social activities. Where we know someone likes to attend music venues, we can provide up-coming music venue recommendations with their besties. Your business could be having groups of people pop-by! 

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